Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sea of Dreams

I experienced the most amazing thing in my life, a perfect Pacific Ocean sunset. Clear skies, family and a beach all to ourselves. Our trip set off with one real goal for myself and that was to see the sunset. Boy did I sure get what I wanted! I recorded the entire dream as it unfolded. I could not even move let alone say a word while my body tingled in a euphoric state watching the set. I have yet to re-watch my recording, only the eye can surely see the magic I saw. While fireballs rotated off of the sun the rays reflected off the seas waves and into my eyes which must have had the biggest reflection not to mention the reflection off my teeth while I soaked all this in, what Kym would say as, "energy".

I love it here so much while the people have been so kind to help us on our journey. Where else in America could I find the perfect people? Seems every day we run into someone special or someone that wants to point us in a direction that assures more good dreams to come true. I absolutely love the coast and the well being here. Shoot today we found the best sea food restaurant that only serves fresh caught sea food from the owners own harvest, AMAZING! I will return to eat here at Lunasea Sea Food Restaurant, someday..... Weird thing is that they're so close to our business name Lunacraze. More and more things happen each day that it makes sense to move here.

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donnaschwarz said...

Looks beautiful! glad you are all having a wonderful peaceful time together. Most of the pictures remind me of the california coast trip we took...loved it. Thanks for all the pictures we love them. The farm is looking fine and beautiful..see you when you get back.
Hugs and Kisses,

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