Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A year's time and lessons way beyond myself...

Here we all are.. we have stepped into another new year.. we have been through another full cycle of another beautiful year. This however, is a year so different than any year any of us here on earth now have ever experienced.
I know this, and I can feel this with all of my being. Things are changing, everything is always changing, but it is different this time. The univers
e, the earth, the entire energy is crying out for healing, and crying out to be re-noticed.
Like I have said so many times before, our ancestors before us were so much more connected, to each-other and to everything around them. They knew the plants, the animals, they knew on a personal level everything around them that could be of use, and so importantly they knew and valued the exchange of energy. Giving and receiving on so many levels.
The last few years have brought about a global awakening, or should I say a global test of awakening. There have been so many obstacles put in the path of so many people. So many people loosing their jobs, their homes, everything we all valued as the basics in life...
There have been so many chances to let it bu
ry you alive and force you to a life of grief, or a chance to truly clear the clouds of your perception, see things exactly as they are, honor them for what they are and how they came to be, and then use them to GROW..

We all do have our down times, we are ALL on this human path and have human emotions. I will be the first to tell you that I am not always happy and in a perfect space of bliss... but I will tell you that every single thing put in my path have all been such a blessing because they all helped me to grow into who I am and what I value in this life. The hard things, and the things of complete joy..they are all a part of me. Every person I have been blessed to learn from, to meet, a little bit of every one of them is a part of me and who I am. Its a wonderful feeling to think of many of those people, (and animals) and feel the essence of them all around me, because they are a part of me, it becomes really hard to feel alone...

I am much more able to see my obstacles, or my s
adness, really honor it and then let it go.. get back to really seeing the beauty in so many things all around me, so much easier than I every thought possible.
We live in a life of abundance, weather you see it now or not, it is so available to you, and you will feel so amazed at a NEW start to life. A newness to everything around you, like you are a child discovering things for the first time. I know for me, these feelings were intensified with my Reiki master attunment.. like something made the final click I needed to feel the warmth of the world around me and be on my true path of purpose... but you don't need that to feel what I now feel.

As I look back at the past few years and the changes I have gone through I know the root of changes and how important they each are to set you on a new experience of life around you..

I have no idea if there is an order these need to go in, but I feel everyone experiences them at some level over and over and maybe in cycles. I tend to do a lot of things backwards, or in an order that seems very out of the normal.. on so many levels of life... but that's just how I roll :)
As I think of my path and the 'order' which I fully learned and lived each of them, I see right away how the last one I 'got' may really be the best to start with for most people. However, in the universe everything happens exactly the way it should in exactly the order it should for every person. No two people are on the same path. Its yours and yours alone and YOU are the only one who can truly listen and know what is right for you at a specific time in your life...

The most recent thing I finally TRULY learned about is self care. I have heard it most of my life I have said I practiced it, but so much of mine, and I know many other peoples make up is meeting other peoples needs. Making sure they are cared for.. especially being a mother, a wife, a husband providing for your family.. You truly can do no one else any more good than you do for yourself. If you really want to be the best help you can to those you love, you better really understand this concept. You can not give out any more love, respect, care, or nurturing than what you have contained inside of yourself FOR yourself. It was said to me many many times, but not until you are really taking that time for filling yourself will you every fully understand what I am saying.. What really helped me through this was to throw out the window all of the worry and issues I was having trying to see my place in the world. When I started running workshops, I quickly realized that I was about the youngest person in the room every time. I started thinking, who I am I to teach these people anything, to lead them in any way.. I worried about what I really could teach people. I was drawn so strong to play this role in life but very un-confident in WHY. As soon as I changed my thoughts to what fulfills me and what am I passionate about.. the rest faded away and I look for that feeling in many places of life.
Start simple and see where it leads, find the feeling that fulfills you the most and make more time for it. Fulfill yourself by fulfilling what makes you happy, You will be in gratitude that you did.
The next thing is truly LETTING GO of everything. This does not mean giving up, or loosing hope at ALL. This is simply acknowledgement that the universal energy flows through the world at the path of least resistance. It flows to positive light and only works for the highest good of everything involved. This may not always be easy or what you think you really want.. because you are now letting the universe/ god/ the outside forces lead you on your path here. I know from my own life, completely letting go does not always mean you will loose everything you let go of, it just allows that space for the winds of the universe to blow freely and gently push you along your path. When you say you have let go but you are still holding on, even with little strings on the way you want the outcome to be personally, you have strings in the way of that wind and it cant really do what it needs to do for you.
Which brings me to another thing, giving and being completely unattached to the outcome. When you give things, such as love, energy, and support to other people purely from your heart with no strings attached.. this is where true magic can happen. I personally give because I absolutely love giving, its a win win place for me because in spaces such as my client sessions, in workshops, or just in my daily life.. any small thing I can give to someone else instantly adds so much joy into my life. But if you don't feel that instantly that is completely fine, all people are different and we all experience things differently. Just remembering how energy works, what you put out there is what you will receive back, is some form or another. Don't do things expecting something back in any other way either though, because you are attaching strings. Just know the universe will provide for you and leave it at that.
The last thing I want to touch on, since I am trying to write a blog and not a book... (thank you for reading this far if you have) is the importance of being in gratitude. Feel the connection to everything around you and be so grateful for it all. We are so blessed by this life. Our soul chose to come down to this earth to fulfill a journey, and to live this life you are living. Everything is so beautiful. Looking out my window as I am writing this I am in gratitude. The sun is shining on the trees, they are all so strong and so full of energy, they are leafless and dancing gently with the wind. The birds are flying through the branches and much of nature is sleeping, yet providing to so many others, including me. We are all so blessed to be here on this earth, and I feel so connected and so full of purpose just knowing I am a part of it all. I am connected to everything and everyone in some way, and so are you. Your path will touch so many other peoples path and parts of you will be carried with them, just like I carry so many with me.. Gratitude just grows more gratitude and with that comes feeling more connected to the world around you, with connection comes an awakening of your own inner knowing and inner purpose. If you have trouble being in gratitude, start how I did, make a list every day of things you are grateful for. It may start with one thing, I know mine only had a few, and that's ok. You will be amazed at how your list will grow. Can't think of one? Start by being thankful for getting out of bed, for having another day in this life, or having your loved one for another day in your life, because no one is gaurenteed another day.
With ALL of that said..I was feeling so called to share this information with you because we are all in a time of amazing movement. The power of manifestation seems to be amplified right now all over the world. Things you used to have to focus on for a long time to make them a reality are somehow being instantly answered by the universe, IF they are only for the highest good. Time seems to be timeless right now. (and for me, who has a hard time with the concept of time anyways.. this can feel really overwhelming) At the same sense, everything is so amplified right now, and the intensity of the low points can easily pull you down if you don't consciously change the way you think of your own reality. Because that is what it is, it is your own path and your own reality, but you are so far from being alone on it.

We all need each other and connection to each other more than ever, for support when we give it and support when we are in a space to accept it. It is all infinite, it is all connected and life is so so beautiful. Praying in a sweat lodge is my way of practicing connection, but this of course is not the only way of connecting. A lot of knowing comes from within.. and a lot comes from the universe, your guides, and from messengers everywhere waiting to be discovered by you.
In all of history time blocks of years had great change, HUGE shifts that the people and animals of earth had to adapt to and change with. It really makes me wonder how we could be so naive as a whole to think that we are in the ONLY period of time on this earth that will be the same forever. Earth is actually over-due for an ice age. Hearing that and seeing the research was a wonderful reminder of adaptation. Animals in nature who are most adaptable to climates, movement and changes are the ones who are the strongest in number.
Wankantanka... the great mystery... there is so much in connecting to it all and embracing it on your path.