Friday, August 14, 2009

Blink your eyes and the season is so far...

I was just realizing that the last blog I posted was many months ago, and if anyone farms at all, you know why I have not had any time to catch anyone up on our happenings here!
The sounds as I woke up this morning and headed to the field were as beautiful as ever,the birds were loving the morning as well! The sun so warm and welcoming on my face, the breeze so cool and refreshing the butterflies all doing their dance. We all need to take time to open our eyes, and soak these moments into our roots so they are always there hidden somewhere when the beauty is not so present.

With all of that said, Market season has been in full swing! Wednesday I am in Wilmington which is new to me this year, has been pretty good (and so close), Thursdays is Lebanon, Saturday is West Chester. So far this week has been extremely slow at the markets. I am not sure where everyone has been but I hope we all pick up again. Our Lavender field day was so amazing, and we got to see so many wonderful people!!
I made the first round of Lavender harvesting in the whole acre, which lucky does not all happen at the exact same time! I have many almost ready for harvesting again, but this year has been much different than before. Still just waiting for the next big bloom to take over all of my being and all of my senses! Although, waiting is not a good word for it as we have added the half acre of produce this year! There is no waiting involved in that, it is constant harvesting going on with that. So many tomatillos, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes (which are a fun treasure hunt until you get down 30 foot of them, then it is just tiring!) Taking on the challenges of slow markets and a ton of produce has made my head spin and think of all possible canning creations, which I plan to take on in a few days! That will be a new adventure to me so I may update on how that goes.. We had a very scary discovery in our large tomatoes also, we had total destruction, something eating away the whole tomato! hollowed them out, every single ripe one of them. We were on a major solution search thinking it was a horn worm problem.. man we must have had a million of them! Long story short, smarty pants, our oldest chicken was leading an escape from the coop on a tomato feast!!! We normally let them free roam the whole farm, but looks like we can not allow that until after harvest season any more!!

I have added a few new products, a new ylang-ylang cinnamon lotion, and liquid soap. I have been working on many "dream enhancers" which are kind of a dream catcher concept but I want them to help you process the dream not catch it..
The amazing beauty in the field we let go wild is such a reassurance to me of how amazingly planned out our life is and how it all works the exact way it should. All season the wild flowers and the native plants create a colorful landscape that I could have never planned so perfectly. All of the birds and butterfly's really enjoy it too. I love watching them, I am such a kid some days though, and will really be focused on harvesting lavender or produce, and a beautiful bird or butterfly is caught in my eye..with camera always on hand I quickly take off after it, chasing them around a few rows, get distracted by something else, take more pictures...

Even the barn swallows I was so worried about early spring have become a love of mine, and I can see how beautiful they are. The other birds seem to be holding their own much better this year and Peaceful Acres seems very harmonious..Even the thistle make such a beautiful purple poof flower that is fun to put into the kids sachets they make here. So If you have not come to visit us yet we would love to have you come and share the amazing beauty with us. Keep an eye out for workshops and we always have free kids activity's. If you made it all the way to the end of this I appreciate you reading my thoughts, maybe if I can make myself take time I can make these thoughts not QUITE so long... :)Wishing you a beautiful day! ~Peace Love and Lavender~ Kym

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Return of the Bird Song in the Field

I was taking my daily walk out to the fields today, It was a little cooler today than it has been. The sky pretty overcast, letting us know that at any moment it could pour down and delay some of this planting we had set on for today. I love to close my eyes as I am walking and just listen. The birds here are amazing. There are so many sweet songs that go on further than my hearing will allow me to take in. We have quite a collection of so many kinds of birds, and the melody change walking from the woods to out in the fields is like changing the channel on the radio. The fields are so full of killdeers and red-winged blackbirds right now. The song of these two alone would satisfy me fully. The red-winged black bird males love our nature field, all of the nice tall slender left over stalks from last years wildflowers make excellent standing grounds for them to perch their amazing bodies and blast out their impressive song to all of the ladies around.

The killdeer have become quite fond of our mounded lavender rows. Their little legs seem to get much more running and exercise than most birds. If you have never seen a mother bird put on the most extravagant display of distraction, you have not been close to a killdeer nest! Last year was the first time I experienced this. It was early spring and I was checking out the winter ice damage in the rows. After hearing several displays of a racket coming from a nearby bird, I was so alarmed to see that this one seemed to be severely injured. It flapped around horribly on the ground, one wing spread out and curved. “Aw! poor bird” I was already thinking of placed I could call that surely would know how to save this birds wing. I turned towards it, changed my direction and up up and away it went. Good as new. That mamma sure did distract me from the direction I was heading....straight towards its nest it had decided to make in the middle of a half dead lavender plant. That is a smart bird! Also one of my favorite to listen to may I add. Their tweeting repetitive sound, their white ringed necks, and there little slender legs make you feel like you are on the sandy ocean shore listening to a bird that would be nested in a rocky outcrop by the edge of the ocean water.

As I walked down the driveway this year I saw the same marvelous display, although I was not being tricked this time. The Earthship has now become a wonderful nesting community for them, and I am very happy to open up an apartment community for these beautiful creatures anytime.

The barn swallows have not yet returned this year. I reluctantly decided removing the mud packed nests in the barn from last year was the only direction I could go with them. Not much further in the season in 2007 they had chased out all of the red-winged black birds, killdeer, mourning doves, and any other flying creature around. Although I have a childlike passion for birds, these mean little bullies are no longer welcome on this harmonious farm. Even if they do return I believe our killdeer population has definitely outnumbered what they used to be and maybe they could work something out.

My next objective here is to help the little traveling hummingbirds find the acre of lavender yummyness. They have returned like they do every year to the trusty feeders we have in the woods. Although lavender is said to be a favorite of hummingbirds, I have come to the conclusion that since we have no blooms early season when the scouts are around, they are missing what is there for them the rest of the year. I had wanted to get the feeders closer to the field for them, but may have missed my early season opportunity for that. Hopefully with the helpful watch of visitors to our farm this year we will see that they have discovered it on their own! I’m excited to see if we gain these tiny marvels to the fields as well.

The simplicity of the birds, and the way they bring so much joy into every day field work is such a simple blessing that could easily be overlooked if there was not so much work to do out there! No matter how much rush, or business, or list of things I am not sure how to accomplish before the next day is in my head, soaking in the sweet songs of the birds instantly melts it all away. So with the bucketful of nightcrawlers in the kitchen and the luminous moon peaking through the cloudy sky, Its time to get some rest, and look forward to what will come as the season moves on.

Blog by "Kym Prell"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Organic Certification with a game to play!

We have made it through all the complicated paperwork for our ORGANIC certification. All our Lavender, Produce, Woodlot, Soaps & Lotion will be certified by summer! The 20 farm acres fit all requirements. The years of documentation & no cigarette butts paid off.

I just can't believe how involved certification is. It felt like we were buying another house.

I'll make a deal, the first person to find a cigarette butt on the property gets a $50 gift card to our gift shop!!

Let the game begin?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Annual Summer Solstice Lavender Field Day

Sponsored by Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm

WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, June 20, 21, 2009

WHERE: Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm, 2391 Martinsville Rd, Martinsville, OH 45146

TIME: 10am - 11pm Saturday, Sunday 10am - 7pm

COST: FREE admittance, Fees apply for Adult craft workshops and handpick.

CONTACT: Contact Kym Prell

Farm Tel. 513-322-2415, or Cell 937-944-0149



Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm will host Clinton County's first annual Lavender Field Day. The fields are filled with an acre of many different varieties of lavender in Full bloom and here for Handpick visitors. Daily workshops will be held for adults and children. Family matters on our farm so feel free to bring the young ones to many of our workshops.

Child workshops are FREE and include Herb Sachet making , Chicken feeding , Giant sling shots, Nature Trails, and Recycled Instruments. Please Pre-register.

Adult workshops include Lavender Wreath, Lavender Wand crafting, and Gourd Instrument crafting. Also learn how to build raised beds utilizing recycled materials. Pre-registration required. Please contact us for cost.

Peaceful Acres is located .2 mile from the Historic Martinsville Rd. Covered Bridge. Come out handpick lavender and spend the day with nature! You will be amazed what wild life can bring to our fields. This is a don't miss invitation, our farms magic is peaked on this weekend so rain or shine the farm is still here! BRING YOUR CAMERA or Anything to draw, paint, write while you have fun......and enjoy what nature has to offer on Ohio's Largest Lavender Farm!

"It is a great thing to see, a farm taking recyclable trash and using it for their construction projects. Especially the Earthship Biotecture we have been building that is now close to completion. This place is going to be great," says Jason, Earthship Biotech.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Spring

Winter wonder land or is it just the fantasy of having white snow. So beautiful but yet they stay buried. Do they think, do they feel to be in a some kind of dream? I wonder how it would be, trapped under all that ice?

It has passed. Ice has finally melted to a stream sucking more life out of the Lavender. Ground Hogs day brought about six more weeks of winter and it's crunch time organizing everything for early spring planting. Just the beginning to a very long growing season. I wonder what the spring, summer and fall will bring weather wise?

To much rain lavenders in pain! What will it bring.......sometimes you feel so hopeless...........just a bit bored and ignored.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter storm worries in the field

Lavender does not like ice!! Unfortunately we had about an inch of solid ice on everything overnight here on the farm. Lavender plants cannot tolerate the ice very well due to the oils produced inside the leaf. The oils freeze and damage the leaf tissue. Once this happens it's all hope until our spring fertilizer is applied, the deciding factor of winter survival. When we apply the proper fertilizer requirements the new growth shoots will be seen in about a week or two. Some of our Lavandula x Intermedia varieties will take a little longer to show new growth. All but a few should return from the dormant sleeping winter.

The farm had a similar situation during 2008 when we received about a half inch of ice. We lost around 25 plants total which will be replaced this spring. Luckily just about every Lavender variety came back from the dormant season. The key is a spring shot of nitrogen fertilizer!!

It's all in the rest of the season to see what will become of our fields. They will surely produce but will they all survive? It's a test of stamina against the cold!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summer Solstice Lavender Field Day ~ Hand Pick

June 20 & 21 10:00am - 11:00 pm.

Nature can be seen, but you must look to see it!

This event will be held here on the farm ending every evening with a bonfire circle playing some drums and other acoustic instruments.

Come out harvest some lavender and spend the day with nature! You will be amazed what wild life can bring to our fields. This is a don't miss invitation, our farms magic is peaked on this weekend so rain or shine the farm is still here! BRING YOUR CAMERA or Anything to draw, paint, write while you have fun......

We do have restrooms on site. Bring your tent if you would like to pitch it up around the fields.

Everyone's invited!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm

Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm is located .2 miles from the historic Martinsville Road covered bridge in Clinton County Ohio. Twenty acre family farm looking forward in providing the future to holistic care here at our wellness center. Our farms vision is to have a natural loving peaceful place our friends can enjoy and call their place of retreat! Relax, lunchin or take a visit in the lavender barn store to pick out one of your aromatherapy treatments or gifts. Plan your trip ahead for a Reflexology session with Kym Prell certified Reflexologist. Ponder around many farm projects to see how we as a farm utilize recycled materials to build works of art and structures. During your visit you can stroll along trails through the woods and natural fields, hand pick many varieties of lavender or spend some volunteer fun time working with one of our farm projects. Please don't forget the camera you will capture many pictures of wild life.

Soon our Earthship will be complete for everyone to see what can be done with the trash of everyday people. Tires, cans, bottles all used on the farm hidden from view but knowing these materials exist here will amaze all! Creations of beauty and design.

Peaceful Acres has two separate half acre Lavender fields equaling a full acre just around 2000 bushes of eight different varieties. Visit from June to August here you will see thousands of butterflies, bees, yellow jackets working in their nature to collect from our lavender. Never fear they know why you are here, it's for all lavender loving species. It's a must see for all photographers and artist. Many have captured unusual angles and visions to what they enjoy best on our farm.

We hope to see everyone very soon in June!!

Peace, Love and Lavender!!
Prell Family