Saturday, June 5, 2010

June.. already!?

Today has already concluded the Third...yes Third week of some of my farm markets! It feels so wonderful to be back in the full swing of farm season. Seeing so many wonderful people, and starting at amazing new locations it is all an energetic jump start for re-awakening the season ahead!
I will have to say.. as I was hanging around the 600th lavender bundle of this week.. I was in deep thought about some comments and questions I kept hearing at the Market this morning.
"For a farm market, you guys sure do not have very much produce" " This is a FARM market and there are no FARMERS"and many more comments just like this...
uh huh... well, I do completely understand the misconception of or society on what a farm market is about. It is really so amazing that there is this wonderful shift going on that is really making people want to be more conscious, to buy local things at local markets!! That is so wonderful I can not even begin to explain.
However, while it was very liberating to me to explain the growing season.. fresh greens, tomatoes in about 2 weeks, broccoli, then peppers melons and squash, and then corn..etc...., I was also a little saddened that people were coming to the market and were wholeheartedly disappointed that they did not have the selection the grocery store does.
I know this all comes with learning, but going through the half acre of produce myself last year I know first hand how much work it is and how much care and loving energy it takes to make food flourish :) Those greens available now have SO much potential to become meals and are definitely something to be excited about!

I have been so happy to see FRESH GREENS, tart cherries, my all time favorite honey... (which I do have to say is a huge addiction to me, especially the comb!! makes all of your taste buds go into a state of bliss!!) You can find this from Chris' Honey, from Lebanon, Ohio... the FRESH strawberries.. which I don't buy this year because I have so many that I cant even get to them fast enough. Fresh organic and grass fed meats, fresh chickens, eggs, baked wonderful things.. and I could go on and on.... Early season markets are still SO amazing!
The season at the market will continue to bring about many more wonderful things, and I hope in time that everyone will see the hard work and amazing things farm markets can hold from start to finish...

On another note, I really feel like time is moving even faster than normal.. we are only one week away from Yellow Springs Street Fair and only TWO WEEKS AWAY from our wonderful Lavender Festival!!! (Check out the amazing video on the front page to see what we are all about!!!)
I have had about 10 wonderful, lovely, amazing groups of people come and have a tour of the farm, hosted 2 amazing workshops, and met even more wonderful souls than I thought was possible. I am always so blessed by crossing paths with so many people.. and I am so thankful for every light that shines brightly from every one of them, every one of you :)
Oh...also our dog Moon who normally meets you in our field has been cleaned up and recovering from an infected foot in the house. Our big sweetheart may finally like it in here better than outside!

My eyes are beginning to blur and when they close I see nothing but lavender blooms.. (just another added bonus of harvesting around 1000 lavender bundles in one week! You get to see them in your sleep, or even just when you blink!)
It is close to 1am, and I started today at 6am..well yesterday I guess now... I am off to bed to do some recharging for my soul. Tomorrow starts another beautiful day of harvest, and really getting a move on to stock up my lavender goodies! Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who have supported us on this journey and we hope to see you all at our festival!!!