Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a clear path ahead, a clear path behind....

Spring is here again... so many of the lavender blooms are turning a beautiful deep purple, the aroma so strong you just need to breath it deep inside and feel refreshed all day!
I have harvested 3 big baskets full of the most juicy red strawberries I think I have ever had! Lainey is extremely happy, as she says she can only eat them if she picks them off of the plant and puts them in her mouth. I guess that is what you get when you raise a bunch of country kids.. they are spoiled on fresh produce and cant eat it from the store most of the year. I guess at least they can appreciate where and when food comes from...that seems so lost to so much of our society.

One of the things that has made me so comfortable here is the security in knowing I can feed our family..that I have the land, the plants and now the knowledge that if we really focused on it, we could live off of this land all year long. The abundance of tomatoes and other vegetables last season made me gain quick experience canning and creating wonderful things to pop open in the middle of the winter. This was one of the things that made my mind fight my heart when I thought about letting go of this farm, of our life we have created here. I am not venturing down the produce road this year except for the berries and things that come back without any help. We have been brought to another road in our lives, on this amazing path we are on. It took so long to stop thinking and worrying about the "what ifs" and just truly letting go and feeling what we need to do. We are at a wonderful place with this farm, with being known, and successful, past all of the really hard work in getting a farm started. Life, just like the universe, shifts and moves, and I have finally learned that holding on to something you know you should be moving on from will never do anyone any good. Mikes MD has definitely shifted the way he needs to keep himself busy. He has always been so amazing at seeing a vision and doing, doing and doing to make it happen. Having an extremely active, and smart mind can be a challenge when your body can no longer keep up with it. Living on a farm provides many opportunities for amazing options, and many opportunities to do even small physical things that he should not be doing.
I am at my limit of what I can do on my own, and still be a good mom... this in itself is the most important thing in the world to me. Life is way too fast....

So, although this door is being gently shut, I can see so clearly a new door that is going to open, and a new door that is lit brightly open for someone else, someone whose shift they need in their life is the pathway of growth and abundance we have created here on this farm. I am still sad about letting it all go...still a little scared about such a huge change. I thought for the last 4 years I was creating this life and this farm so that it could be who I am for the rest of my life, what I do and what I was to become. This land is so sacred and there is something so special about it. I am acknowledging all of this because every feeling deserves to be felt... But I also know what we feel in our hearts and how this movement is so right and exactly the path we need to be on.
Everything will keep going on as normal with the farm... Markets start this Friday :) We will still be at all of our big events, and the 2ND annual Summer Solstice Lavender Festival is going to be even MORE AMAZING than last year! Be sure to check the schedule and plan on spending June 19 and 20, 2010 with us!!
We are also open for visitors by appointment and would love to take you on a tour or feel welcome to have a picnic in the amazing aroma of lavender!!
The universe is amazing at working things out exactly the way they need to go with so many amazing chance for internal growth, and learning at every turn. I am so excited to continue this vision with complete trust and flow with where this life journey intends for us, and I am so excited to be able to provide an amazing start at a new journey for someone else! Our Farm for Sale website was created by Mike too.. this website development path is so perfect for his mind and his body..
Thank you so much for reading my thoughts and enjoying this journey along with us! Wishing you smooth transitions, abundance and life full of Love and Lavender Bliss!!!!