Friday, November 19, 2010

Honoring the light within...

Next week is the traditional time of giving thanks, of gathering with family and sharing time together. I don't know about everyone, but I do know for so many people the past few years have really been shifting to a space of being in true gratitude every day. Sometimes you get to a place of really feeling you are at your lowest point to make you open up and surrender to letting spirit/ the universe take control and give in to trusting. We are being asked to feel this trust and this gratitude every day, even when you are at your highest points too..
There is so much shifting... so many many hard spaces of life we are and have been asked to go through. Every single one of them is a chance to live in love and to grow more into your spiritual essence and purpose in this life. I spent so much of my life searching for something I felt I was missing, like so many people do..when it was all here all along, all around me, all within me. All around you, and within YOU...

When I first started truly opening up to so many things I used to not pay attention to, I really was worried about who I said certain things to, who I would offend, who would think I was completely nuts.... I thought that was important. However, it didn't take me long to let go of that, because I now know that we are all so connected, all the same, all of the same divine light. It is not about religion, or about my beliefs being different than anyone else's, it is about finding that space where they are the same. In the root of all religion are really the same beliefs, when you take it to the simple level of things. Love, compassion/ forgiveness, and being grateful, then taking the time to honor these things through meditation, silence or prayer.
We each do of course have our own uniqueness and our own individual path we need to fill, but it is finally coming back to a time where we are not meant to do that alone, it is about connecting with each other and using other people and other animals, other plants, as our way of finding our own light. We have so much in us that always wants an answer to things as well, and a huge part of getting back to the true core of our being and our purpose is accepting and flowing and growing. We will never know all of the answers and we will always be given a chance to learn and to grow.
I have been so honored and so blessed by so many teachers, so many elders making a presence and sharing their knowledge. I started off my weekend last weekend at the Star knowledge conference at Serpent Mound. These conferences are such a beautiful amazing form of sharing and of growth. They hold 13 a year all over the country, so many elders from many places are coming together and speaking out, sharing their knowledge and their truth. We should all feel so honored for this chance at this time. They do not have to share but they have been asked to by divine means because our planet needs this. Not just our local community, our city, our state, but everyone all across parts of the world are being asked to heal this earth...

Sunday Uncle Bob Randall came out and spent the day at our farm. His culture was living one of the oldest ways of life as we know it in Australia. They did not have homes, they did not own the land, they lived with the land. They lived like this for longer than our history can even think about. Their youngest children could survive in a desert finding food, water, making shelter, and living in harmony with not only each- other but with all living things. There was no war, because all tribes treated each-other equally, with respect, and they had a true sense of living on the earth. They did not own the earth, because she owns us. Settlers came in and began to make it known they owned the land, and everything changed. It is always a sad situation when someone believes their ways are the only ways and are right. That is just not what it is meant to be. We are all meant to learn from each-other and share with each-other so that life can be experienced to the fullest it possibly can.. WHY else are we here?

I am still processing so much from my recent experiences with Bob and Barbara and with so many other people, and animals and plants that have come so willingly into my life. Being taught original song and ways of ceremony really does move your spirit to a place not able to be explained by words.... learning from any elder is something to be cherished and respected and honored.....I am ready for a space of honoring all that has been learned. I have been going inward which I feel is so important for the balance of the physical and the spiritual. There are so many messages readily available to anyone who is willing to open up and listen, feel, see or sense them. They are all around you, they are in your dreams, they are in your experiences with other people and from the physical realm of life we are all here walking in. It is definitely not always easy, and personally I am working on the balance of being in pure spirit and true purpose while still dealing with and keeping a balance on earthly in the now, life things.

I find so much comfort in the realization the last month has given me, and that is how connected we all truly are. So many people are finding their light and connecting it to others, so many people, not just us, not just in our community are working on ways to become self sufficient again, the way things used to be and can be. We are all people made up of our individual experiences, we each pick up the essence of other beings we learn from, we meet. A little bit of what we resonate with in each path we cross becomes part of who we are and our light we carry around in this world. The root of growing is letting everything originate in love, because anything that is of pure love will be supported by the universe. "The wind of love is everywhere" as Bob sings in one of his many beautiful is just allowing that wind to surround your entire being, soak into your soul and emit from your breath..

I am truly in so much gratitude and so much thanks, to the earth, to being connected, to floating on the winds of love and letting go of earthly things we were all taught as being the most important things in life.. Life is always changing and I know deep in my soul we are all being asked to reconnect to each-other and to everything around us, so we can also change and bring this earth back to a space of balanced living. May you all make the time to re-connect with your family and soak in your blessings, this next week and every week after....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Months of changes..earthship movement

So much has been going on in our lives since the last time we posted....
Everything around seems to be moving in hyper-speed, and everything internal is fighting for some quietness in order to process this incredibly fast shifting. As many people know we had put our farm and home up for sale this year. Like so many people in this economy we were feeling really pressured to make some conscious changes. We took an amazing trip out west this summer. It was a trip that was making up for 7 years of no real family vacations with the kids. It was the most needed and amazing experience to completely step out of life, and be able to look at this life we had created from an outside view, and really spend amazing time connecting with each-other. So much of what we thought needed to happen was to truly use this as a chance to fulfill a dream. Moving out west, into the mountains..or near the a place of beauty so intense it still fills me with tears when I think about it all. Leaving it all behind and completely simplifying life could really create a space of Mike not always feeling compelled to keep up with the physical farm duties, and a chance for me to step back from so much work running several businesses and missing out on time with my kids. So many beautiful places we visited we could easily picture ourselves in long term. The kids were really amazing and so excited about just about any new place as a new home town. Living out of the van for a month, camping and staying with wonderful people along the way REALLY gave us even more of a view of the life we knew we needed to work at. It was so easy to picture ourselves so many places because all we really need is and someplace comfortable to sleep.....
So much of what our society has gotten away from has to do with having way too much, needing way too much. Turkey vulture flies over very often, its message is so important now..waste not want not... In the history of cultures, everyone used what was available to build homes, clothes, tools, they worked together as community for the highest good of everyone involved. I'm not sure when it all happened, but man did we take a giant leap away from the resourcefulness of our ancestors!!
So here we were. We knew we were being asked to make some major changes, and it is so important to me that we start healing this earth, start replenishing what is so little and what used to be thriving. Our thoughts, our energies, and certainly our way of life will directly effect the next 7 generations. Thinking of starting over somewhere else is so amazing, but starting to build a home from scratch and the effects of physical activity to Mikes body was very overwhelming. So many messages I was getting on our trip was all about community. So much of our time and energy had been spent the last few years building this earthship for the farm, the wellness center, and the main foundation and framing was already done..... it only made sense to continue what we had already come so far on. Although this was not the intension for this building, everything in our lives change, everything shifts and it all happens exactly the way it needs to.

So for now, between the double vending events, and taking care of our amazing kids, we have been working every spare moment on getting the earthship sealed in before winter. Let me tell you, going from freeing my mind from everything I once knew to stepping right back into the fast flow, plus adding building a home, has definitely not been easy. Ive had so many doubts and questions along this part of the journey. However, the beauty of it is knowing this is what we need to do, and Mike is always so amazing at encouraging me and assuring me it will all work out. (somehow we have completely switched roles, because that used to BE me and now he does it FOR me :) The letting go ALWAYS allows the universe to flow freely within our lives.

Our home and woods will soon belong to someone else, and parts of me are sad, but so much more of me knows how important and needed working together as a community is with the shifts going on in this world. Even more of me knows that every can and tire packed into this home with mud is one more can or tire that is not being burned or dumped into a landfill.
We have had some volunteers through the last few months, and we are SO grateful and thankful to each and every one of you! There are some wonderful things you can learn from spending time on this building and we are always very open to extra hands, and can always use extra help.

My aunt who passed away several years ago made a cd for us all, on the cover is her beautiful smiling face and the sentence "what lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us" (Ralf Waldo Emerson)
That is it...that is everything... it is what we hold inside, the essence of who we are that is always with us, so much of the rest of the world changes and shifts and we must be flexible with it. Living with compassion and love and only the highest good of everyone inside.... thats how we can make it through everything and it is together...
I do know my role with the farm is changing, and I am so excited to start focusing on the Wellness retreats very soon.... empowering ourselves is the most amazing step we can take to healing this planet...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sea of Dreams

I experienced the most amazing thing in my life, a perfect Pacific Ocean sunset. Clear skies, family and a beach all to ourselves. Our trip set off with one real goal for myself and that was to see the sunset. Boy did I sure get what I wanted! I recorded the entire dream as it unfolded. I could not even move let alone say a word while my body tingled in a euphoric state watching the set. I have yet to re-watch my recording, only the eye can surely see the magic I saw. While fireballs rotated off of the sun the rays reflected off the seas waves and into my eyes which must have had the biggest reflection not to mention the reflection off my teeth while I soaked all this in, what Kym would say as, "energy".

I love it here so much while the people have been so kind to help us on our journey. Where else in America could I find the perfect people? Seems every day we run into someone special or someone that wants to point us in a direction that assures more good dreams to come true. I absolutely love the coast and the well being here. Shoot today we found the best sea food restaurant that only serves fresh caught sea food from the owners own harvest, AMAZING! I will return to eat here at Lunasea Sea Food Restaurant, someday..... Weird thing is that they're so close to our business name Lunacraze. More and more things happen each day that it makes sense to move here.

Midwest Country Side

Traveling the country side from town to town wondering why everything looks the same. So far we have gone through Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and swiftly heading down the freeway to Wyoming. Our thoughts so far has been do American farmers mostly grow corn and soy? The view has been similar to the same old Ohio scenery we see from day to day. Do Americans demand that much processed food to survive?

Another realization I have come to is the mass populations demand for beef. I have seen densely packed corals full of cattle packed with nasty feces covered animals. It made the thought of beef, which may I remind you I have not ate except for the ECC Jalapeno burger from General Denver in Wilmington, Ohio. Man is that a good burger! Back to the thought of inhumane treatment of cattle. I won't rip on all cattle farmers because I have seen many some free range farms with very happy animals. I believe this bad energy the cattle are experiencing during their lives directly affect the growth and results of good meat. Why do we even kill these animals? It just seems so wrong and strange that this would happen. Maybe I need to reconsider my life choices and switch to a less invasive food lifestyle.

One great change in America since my 2000 cross country road trip has been the expansion of clean energy. We passed a massive wing on a semi trailer that I thought was for a wind generator while the kids expected it to be for a plane. With the flags and escorts of this wide load I knew it was for something huge. 60 miles down the road our questions and thoughts were answered by Iowa wind farms that stretched over 100 miles. These omega wind generators are producing electricity on a steady basis even with low wind speeds this day. It's great to see America changing and home the possibility that one day our home town will bring this technology here for I can rest assured that we are doing what's necessary to go green. Definitely an inspirational site to see!

Roadside grass mowing! What a waste of energy, gas, time, resources and must be a financial burden on America. Every freeway system has 3 medians, left, right and center. Center being double the width of the left or right. I figured road crews must mow every mile at least 4 times a year and each mile consist of 4-6 swipes with their bug John Deer tractors. Your talking 453 miles of Nebraska interstate times 6 equaling 2748 miles minimum to mow Highway 80. Insane!! This is not just for this state but every single highway, road, freeway, State Route in the U.S.A. and surrounding areas.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farmers Market Find

July 2... Market find!

Here we are... the second day of this amazing trip that has been able to happen at the exact time in our lives we really need it. We have had so much reassurance already that this trip is meant to be. I don't know who all notices the 1111 time, or what it means to you. But for me it is the spiritual world just checking in, trying to make you notice. Yesterday on our early travels, I looked at the clock (like I do so many times at that time) and it was 11:11, looked to the right, mile marker 111, a

s I said this out loud, Mike noticed the trip meter, 111... coincidence? I just don't believe in a coincidence on any level. Everything is meant to happen and is part of our journey..everything, amazing, everything bad. The people we need in our lives always come at the exact right moment for our learning and support , and for theirs... As I started typing this sitting in a stopped traffic jam, I wanted to explain our farm market find today. I had made numerous attempts at searching local harvest from my phone, but in and out of signal, the closest I was able to get on was a search for a health food store, our next best option... that address was the only thing staying on my phone, 111 was the street address in Laramie, WY.. good one huh? So we head that way and wouldn't you know! A big wonderful farm market right on the street! Along with a really amazing little town and very good energy from the people and the environment! We obviously were led to this one, I do believe.

Our goal on this trip is to only eat from farm markets and local farms. This just wouldn't be right without supporting all of the local farmers along the way. Wednesday evening we were able to get an assortment of goodies from Branstraters farm.. John supplied us with early peaches, gooseberries, currents, black and red raspberries.. and very nourishing snacks for this long drive. The dark currents were so fun to pass to the kids and get the sour face reaction, fun times in the van! At this market in Laramie, we were able to get some amazing bread, cherries, mushrooms, and even kettle corn. oh, and a little red white and blue tutu skirt Lainey got with her money. Of course, be sure to watch soon for her own display of them at our markets and events.. this girl has got boundless creativity and she is already planning her colors.... This find was wonderful and amazing and an amazingly good start to keeping up with this goal.

After many wonderful stops today we are trying to find a decent campground to pop up our tent and make some dinner. Not really having too much luck. The search for a hotel is not going much better..Friday on fourth of July weekend..there should be a law against this ridiculous inflation on people trying to spend time with their family.. 80 minimum so far for a really bad hotel. I kept saying we need to just go to Rock Springs, WY. I have mentioned this several times, told Mike Im not sure why but I keep having Rock Springs come into my mind. So back on the highway, Interstate 80, 65 mph and traffic only one lane each way. It didn't take long and we had to come to this stop. We just found out there was a bad accident between a van and an suv.. 6 kids injured. Right at the Rock Springs area. I have a very sad surreal feeling sweeping over my entire being. I know these family's can use all of the prayers, positive energy, distance Reiki healing you can send them. I am praying that injury's are all that happened and that healing will sweep over them quickly.

Life is so precious.. Our journeys here are so important. I know every day that I am blessed in so many ways and I am really looking forward to soaking in this long journey of time with my family. These kids and husband of mine are so amazing and so full of everything that fills me with so much warmth!! I get to step back from the rush of life and allow the wind and universe to gently sweep around the spaces of my soul. The most important realization I have come to recently is that there does NOT always need to be a clear answer or clear direction on this journey... sometimes just being in a space of not knowing and allowing the universe to work its way through IS exactly where you need to be at some times in life. I have always looked for answers in everything. Don't ask or need to know, just feel and all will always be fine. Sometimes trying to explain things away with words takes away from the power of the feeling.

This is where I am.. life is so beautiful and truly feels like a blank slate right now. We all have the ability to create anything we want and need. All you need it is a clear picture of that, and the power of manifestation will take over. I may not have a perfectly clear picture of that right now, but I know I am not supposed to. Surrendering to first letting go, then allowing space and knowing that not knowing is just a step in the journey is so fulfilling... Oh, and these mountains and there powerful energy are filling me and overflowing me, this is a pure beautiful dream and its only day 3!!!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June.. already!?

Today has already concluded the Third...yes Third week of some of my farm markets! It feels so wonderful to be back in the full swing of farm season. Seeing so many wonderful people, and starting at amazing new locations it is all an energetic jump start for re-awakening the season ahead!
I will have to say.. as I was hanging around the 600th lavender bundle of this week.. I was in deep thought about some comments and questions I kept hearing at the Market this morning.
"For a farm market, you guys sure do not have very much produce" " This is a FARM market and there are no FARMERS"and many more comments just like this...
uh huh... well, I do completely understand the misconception of or society on what a farm market is about. It is really so amazing that there is this wonderful shift going on that is really making people want to be more conscious, to buy local things at local markets!! That is so wonderful I can not even begin to explain.
However, while it was very liberating to me to explain the growing season.. fresh greens, tomatoes in about 2 weeks, broccoli, then peppers melons and squash, and then corn..etc...., I was also a little saddened that people were coming to the market and were wholeheartedly disappointed that they did not have the selection the grocery store does.
I know this all comes with learning, but going through the half acre of produce myself last year I know first hand how much work it is and how much care and loving energy it takes to make food flourish :) Those greens available now have SO much potential to become meals and are definitely something to be excited about!

I have been so happy to see FRESH GREENS, tart cherries, my all time favorite honey... (which I do have to say is a huge addiction to me, especially the comb!! makes all of your taste buds go into a state of bliss!!) You can find this from Chris' Honey, from Lebanon, Ohio... the FRESH strawberries.. which I don't buy this year because I have so many that I cant even get to them fast enough. Fresh organic and grass fed meats, fresh chickens, eggs, baked wonderful things.. and I could go on and on.... Early season markets are still SO amazing!
The season at the market will continue to bring about many more wonderful things, and I hope in time that everyone will see the hard work and amazing things farm markets can hold from start to finish...

On another note, I really feel like time is moving even faster than normal.. we are only one week away from Yellow Springs Street Fair and only TWO WEEKS AWAY from our wonderful Lavender Festival!!! (Check out the amazing video on the front page to see what we are all about!!!)
I have had about 10 wonderful, lovely, amazing groups of people come and have a tour of the farm, hosted 2 amazing workshops, and met even more wonderful souls than I thought was possible. I am always so blessed by crossing paths with so many people.. and I am so thankful for every light that shines brightly from every one of them, every one of you :)
Oh...also our dog Moon who normally meets you in our field has been cleaned up and recovering from an infected foot in the house. Our big sweetheart may finally like it in here better than outside!

My eyes are beginning to blur and when they close I see nothing but lavender blooms.. (just another added bonus of harvesting around 1000 lavender bundles in one week! You get to see them in your sleep, or even just when you blink!)
It is close to 1am, and I started today at 6am..well yesterday I guess now... I am off to bed to do some recharging for my soul. Tomorrow starts another beautiful day of harvest, and really getting a move on to stock up my lavender goodies! Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who have supported us on this journey and we hope to see you all at our festival!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a clear path ahead, a clear path behind....

Spring is here again... so many of the lavender blooms are turning a beautiful deep purple, the aroma so strong you just need to breath it deep inside and feel refreshed all day!
I have harvested 3 big baskets full of the most juicy red strawberries I think I have ever had! Lainey is extremely happy, as she says she can only eat them if she picks them off of the plant and puts them in her mouth. I guess that is what you get when you raise a bunch of country kids.. they are spoiled on fresh produce and cant eat it from the store most of the year. I guess at least they can appreciate where and when food comes from...that seems so lost to so much of our society.

One of the things that has made me so comfortable here is the security in knowing I can feed our family..that I have the land, the plants and now the knowledge that if we really focused on it, we could live off of this land all year long. The abundance of tomatoes and other vegetables last season made me gain quick experience canning and creating wonderful things to pop open in the middle of the winter. This was one of the things that made my mind fight my heart when I thought about letting go of this farm, of our life we have created here. I am not venturing down the produce road this year except for the berries and things that come back without any help. We have been brought to another road in our lives, on this amazing path we are on. It took so long to stop thinking and worrying about the "what ifs" and just truly letting go and feeling what we need to do. We are at a wonderful place with this farm, with being known, and successful, past all of the really hard work in getting a farm started. Life, just like the universe, shifts and moves, and I have finally learned that holding on to something you know you should be moving on from will never do anyone any good. Mikes MD has definitely shifted the way he needs to keep himself busy. He has always been so amazing at seeing a vision and doing, doing and doing to make it happen. Having an extremely active, and smart mind can be a challenge when your body can no longer keep up with it. Living on a farm provides many opportunities for amazing options, and many opportunities to do even small physical things that he should not be doing.
I am at my limit of what I can do on my own, and still be a good mom... this in itself is the most important thing in the world to me. Life is way too fast....

So, although this door is being gently shut, I can see so clearly a new door that is going to open, and a new door that is lit brightly open for someone else, someone whose shift they need in their life is the pathway of growth and abundance we have created here on this farm. I am still sad about letting it all go...still a little scared about such a huge change. I thought for the last 4 years I was creating this life and this farm so that it could be who I am for the rest of my life, what I do and what I was to become. This land is so sacred and there is something so special about it. I am acknowledging all of this because every feeling deserves to be felt... But I also know what we feel in our hearts and how this movement is so right and exactly the path we need to be on.
Everything will keep going on as normal with the farm... Markets start this Friday :) We will still be at all of our big events, and the 2ND annual Summer Solstice Lavender Festival is going to be even MORE AMAZING than last year! Be sure to check the schedule and plan on spending June 19 and 20, 2010 with us!!
We are also open for visitors by appointment and would love to take you on a tour or feel welcome to have a picnic in the amazing aroma of lavender!!
The universe is amazing at working things out exactly the way they need to go with so many amazing chance for internal growth, and learning at every turn. I am so excited to continue this vision with complete trust and flow with where this life journey intends for us, and I am so excited to be able to provide an amazing start at a new journey for someone else! Our Farm for Sale website was created by Mike too.. this website development path is so perfect for his mind and his body..
Thank you so much for reading my thoughts and enjoying this journey along with us! Wishing you smooth transitions, abundance and life full of Love and Lavender Bliss!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Changes of the seasons, changes of the mind...

Well, amazingly enough, already, here we are again.. ready to jump full swing back into the season of new growth, new possibilities..... As long as winter can seem, time in itself is so incredibly fast, that just blinking can make you miss so much......

On the farm and Reflexology front, I now have 2-3 events scheduled a month, I will be making a Thursday shift to Madeira's farm market, Fridays in Dayton, and Saturdays when I am not vending a big event, I will be back in West Chester. Planning is being finalized for our Lavender Festival, June 19th-20th. I am really excited about the amazing people I have connected with that will be a part of this event! We will finish up our season at the Renaissance festival, which the kids especially, are really looking forward to. My new website that focuses on my holistic work and what I am about is now up an running,
I am blessed with so many wonderful people and connections....I received my level 1 Reiki training, and was trained in crystal energy work, which I now incorporate into my Reflexology sessions and into daily life. I have been working hard this winter on stocking up the many lavender goodies in anticipation for a busy season ahead.

I really can not wait to get back into the field of blooms. Breathing in the fresh aroma of lavender can not be compared to anything else in the world... it seeps deep into your soul and truly makes a lasting impression on your entire being. Not to mention the many berries that are thinking about coming into form right now.. getting ready to focus all of their vibration into becoming so juicy and delicious and ready to be picked, and the sweet-grass I will get to braid.......

As I look back at this fall.. and think about the leaves, when it is time, they just let go. They do it with such beauty, such amazing color and vibrancy they get to their fullest potential, become the most beautiful they can be, then one by one, they let go. Letting go is completely different than giving up... I see even more meaning than ever before in the cycles of the life around us. Not only does mother earth have a way of letting go of things that no longer serve, but a way to use those things to replenish other things, other energies, other new growth, and new possibilities.

There is such a strong pull going on right now. I know it has been working it's way to this point for a long time, but more than ever, we are being asking for some major changes and shifts. Just like the leaves falling to the ground, I am able to look back at so many things that have worked their way into this journey, this earth-walk for me, and see the importance of fully experiencing every one of them. This full moon in Libra, today, and the way the planets are aligned, is another needed step of this change, this growth. Conflict, and being "knocked off our feet" is just another lesson that we need to feel and grow with. Have your conflict, feel very defeated, and jump back up again. See your mistakes, and know you can not rewind time. Only that you must see things are for what they truly are, and learn from them. Do the best you can do next time at not making the same mistake. If it wasn't your mistake to learn from, learn compassion (and learn it for yourself) , because that is what truly keeps this existence flowing.. no one is perfect.

It has taken me a really long journey my whole life of lessons, of compassion, of the hard times, of the good times, and of seeing the beauty and true blessings in everything, to get to where I am now. It is an amazing feeling to look back at the extremely fast spin of life and know my place here. That place is not about me at all, but about what small steps I can take to truly leave a footprint for the many generations that will come after me... There is such an important need for us to let go, to flow with what we truly feel in our hearts, and not listen so much to the confusion that peaks its way into our mind...

There are so many changes that are needed, and I feel the need to truly let go of everything I have been clinging to for so long. The universe can not do the movement, and the work it needs to in your life if you are holding on too tightly. Being open for change can bring about a new world of beautiful things...

If my mind frame seems way off from where you are, we are all on our own path here. No one else can learn our lessons for us or make us into the person we are destined to become. Our kids are on their own paths, our parents, our soul mates in this life.... I do not believe in coincidences and I do not believe that anyone does not have a place here. I do believe we choose our life for the lessons we want to learn, and how clear the path we have made becomes behind us so that only beauty and light can be felt behind us. There is such an abundance of amazing universal love and light energy, we just need to be open to receiving it, and sending it outward to those who need it around us. .
Something that has truly helped me is making a list, every day, once a week, as often as you can, of the things your life is blessed with at that moment. Some days I can not stop...... simple things to the biggest blessings in your life..... for the land and the thriving crops... for the hawk who has blessed me all winter and hatched her babies right in the woods.. for the family of deer who pass by almost every day, and wait on the three legged baby to catch up.. my kids smiles, dimples, their humor, my husband who is amazing in so many ways.... the smell of the grass turning green, the smell of the dirt........
Try it, make it a practice.......

If you ever need a place to escape, this farm is very magical and very soothing... we are open for roamers anytime you feel the need!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glistening Winter Snow....

Here we are, at the extremely fast start of another new year, winter snow glistening in the warm sun like glitter sprinkled all over the ground. The reflection of it keeps bringing my mind through the rotation of the seasons, the growth of so many things in the stillness of the earth in its frozen state.
It seems as though a few days ago we were climbing in and out of the creek bed back in the warm woods, watching the bright yellow, orange and red leaves dance to the ground. We found a lot of good treasures again this year, even into the winter. Pottery pieces, arrowheads, tools.. Makes me wonder if time seemed to swirl by just as fast when the ones before us were living in these woods, in this field where the lavender mounds now stand.
The winter has been kind to our lavender babies this year so far. Although the first field will be reaching its fourth year in the ground, just like the kids they are still babies, which take love and attention to truly flourish in this life. The snow coating gives them a nice insulation from the cold chill of the wind. We are keeping our intentions out that if ice has to make its presence this year that at least mother nature will make a nice coat of snow first.
I definitely got behind in the fall keeping the weeds out of the holes in the field. We had more of them because of missing or damaged plants from the previous ice winters. It actually became very calming and peaceful to me when I gave into making the weeds less of a priority in life. Seeing the beauty of the wild weeds in lovely harmony with the lavender buds, painted a beautiful picture all by themselves.
As fast as this year has truly gone, I am amazed at how long ago and how different life was a year ago. The universe, god, has really decided that I needed to grow, and to learn, and I needed to do it fast. Lessons in life can be extremely hard, they can be very trying, and they can change us as people. The question is, do we let them change us for the worse, or do we let them seep deep inside, and truly listen to the whispers they have for our souls, the lessons they have to teach, and the growth they can offer to build us into the person we are asked to become.
Listening, is a very different thing than thinking. I have thought myself into knots for much of my life.I was always trying to figure it all out, trying to have an answer to everything, when the excitement of life is not always having the answers, just feeling and knowing you are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time. I was blessed over and over again this past year by amazing teachers, and guides for me to help keep my head in the right direction and to help keep my lessons from knocking me into a hole in the earth. I know that this past year was a major crossroad for so many people.. my hope is that they decided to follow their faith, their heart and their feelings down a path that brings only more light. If you have gone down one that does not feel this way, I know this new year has many chances of amazing growth, so do not forget to feel your direction and you can't go wrong.
This year is definitely a new year. A lot of listening for both Mike and I has been knowing there are things we need to let go of in order to truly enjoy this precious life that was given to us. We still do not know for sure what exactly that means or what this new existence has in store for our journey, but we are not meant to know all of those answers right now.
This past year brought about our first half acre of produce, which I was ready to throw my white flag in after lettuce (first crop of our year), Many new lavender creations, our official OEFFA organic certification, our first annual field day event (which was wonderful), so many new wonderful people in our lives, and a lot of new trials for us to meet.
I do know my work with Reflexology is only the beginning of what I am meant to do for people, and I have an extreme passion and excitement for being able to add any type of light and comfort into peoples lives. I also know that growing involves letting go of things that no longer serve our purpose, and this can be in so many forms. I am ready for this change, and truly excited about the journeys to come.
I miss my kids while they are at school a lot, and am happy for my hiking buddy, Moon (the big white dog) who is always there with wide loving eyes, and for my wonderful husband who has been in full swing using his mind creating websites for other people and making ours wonderful :) If you need a website, by the way, check out!

For now, while the repair business I run is in full swing, I make as many products as I can, talk to many people about their broken down fitness equipment, do a lot of paperwork, and watch the beautiful red-tailed hawk that now follows me around and lives in our woods at the farm. It's reassurance is always there flying above letting anyone who sees him know that you are on this journey in life to grow into your full potential. May your journey be wonderful!!