Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midwest Country Side

Traveling the country side from town to town wondering why everything looks the same. So far we have gone through Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and swiftly heading down the freeway to Wyoming. Our thoughts so far has been do American farmers mostly grow corn and soy? The view has been similar to the same old Ohio scenery we see from day to day. Do Americans demand that much processed food to survive?

Another realization I have come to is the mass populations demand for beef. I have seen densely packed corals full of cattle packed with nasty feces covered animals. It made the thought of beef, which may I remind you I have not ate except for the ECC Jalapeno burger from General Denver in Wilmington, Ohio. Man is that a good burger! Back to the thought of inhumane treatment of cattle. I won't rip on all cattle farmers because I have seen many some free range farms with very happy animals. I believe this bad energy the cattle are experiencing during their lives directly affect the growth and results of good meat. Why do we even kill these animals? It just seems so wrong and strange that this would happen. Maybe I need to reconsider my life choices and switch to a less invasive food lifestyle.

One great change in America since my 2000 cross country road trip has been the expansion of clean energy. We passed a massive wing on a semi trailer that I thought was for a wind generator while the kids expected it to be for a plane. With the flags and escorts of this wide load I knew it was for something huge. 60 miles down the road our questions and thoughts were answered by Iowa wind farms that stretched over 100 miles. These omega wind generators are producing electricity on a steady basis even with low wind speeds this day. It's great to see America changing and home the possibility that one day our home town will bring this technology here for I can rest assured that we are doing what's necessary to go green. Definitely an inspirational site to see!

Roadside grass mowing! What a waste of energy, gas, time, resources and must be a financial burden on America. Every freeway system has 3 medians, left, right and center. Center being double the width of the left or right. I figured road crews must mow every mile at least 4 times a year and each mile consist of 4-6 swipes with their bug John Deer tractors. Your talking 453 miles of Nebraska interstate times 6 equaling 2748 miles minimum to mow Highway 80. Insane!! This is not just for this state but every single highway, road, freeway, State Route in the U.S.A. and surrounding areas.

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donnaschwarz said...

We feel the same about cattle and the antibiotics they are fed because of the conditions they are in. We are going to get a cow from harmon's and splitting it between three other people if you are interested. We don't eat much beef but a little is nice.
I love the wind generators... I think they even look cool...! Again thanks for the pictures love them.
Love you,

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