Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farmers Market Find

July 2... Market find!

Here we are... the second day of this amazing trip that has been able to happen at the exact time in our lives we really need it. We have had so much reassurance already that this trip is meant to be. I don't know who all notices the 1111 time, or what it means to you. But for me it is the spiritual world just checking in, trying to make you notice. Yesterday on our early travels, I looked at the clock (like I do so many times at that time) and it was 11:11, looked to the right, mile marker 111, a

s I said this out loud, Mike noticed the trip meter, 111... coincidence? I just don't believe in a coincidence on any level. Everything is meant to happen and is part of our journey..everything, amazing, everything bad. The people we need in our lives always come at the exact right moment for our learning and support , and for theirs... As I started typing this sitting in a stopped traffic jam, I wanted to explain our farm market find today. I had made numerous attempts at searching local harvest from my phone, but in and out of signal, the closest I was able to get on was a search for a health food store, our next best option... that address was the only thing staying on my phone, 111 was the street address in Laramie, WY.. good one huh? So we head that way and wouldn't you know! A big wonderful farm market right on the street! Along with a really amazing little town and very good energy from the people and the environment! We obviously were led to this one, I do believe.

Our goal on this trip is to only eat from farm markets and local farms. This just wouldn't be right without supporting all of the local farmers along the way. Wednesday evening we were able to get an assortment of goodies from Branstraters farm.. John supplied us with early peaches, gooseberries, currents, black and red raspberries.. and very nourishing snacks for this long drive. The dark currents were so fun to pass to the kids and get the sour face reaction, fun times in the van! At this market in Laramie, we were able to get some amazing bread, cherries, mushrooms, and even kettle corn. oh, and a little red white and blue tutu skirt Lainey got with her money. Of course, be sure to watch soon for her own display of them at our markets and events.. this girl has got boundless creativity and she is already planning her colors.... This find was wonderful and amazing and an amazingly good start to keeping up with this goal.

After many wonderful stops today we are trying to find a decent campground to pop up our tent and make some dinner. Not really having too much luck. The search for a hotel is not going much better..Friday on fourth of July weekend..there should be a law against this ridiculous inflation on people trying to spend time with their family.. 80 minimum so far for a really bad hotel. I kept saying we need to just go to Rock Springs, WY. I have mentioned this several times, told Mike Im not sure why but I keep having Rock Springs come into my mind. So back on the highway, Interstate 80, 65 mph and traffic only one lane each way. It didn't take long and we had to come to this stop. We just found out there was a bad accident between a van and an suv.. 6 kids injured. Right at the Rock Springs area. I have a very sad surreal feeling sweeping over my entire being. I know these family's can use all of the prayers, positive energy, distance Reiki healing you can send them. I am praying that injury's are all that happened and that healing will sweep over them quickly.

Life is so precious.. Our journeys here are so important. I know every day that I am blessed in so many ways and I am really looking forward to soaking in this long journey of time with my family. These kids and husband of mine are so amazing and so full of everything that fills me with so much warmth!! I get to step back from the rush of life and allow the wind and universe to gently sweep around the spaces of my soul. The most important realization I have come to recently is that there does NOT always need to be a clear answer or clear direction on this journey... sometimes just being in a space of not knowing and allowing the universe to work its way through IS exactly where you need to be at some times in life. I have always looked for answers in everything. Don't ask or need to know, just feel and all will always be fine. Sometimes trying to explain things away with words takes away from the power of the feeling.

This is where I am.. life is so beautiful and truly feels like a blank slate right now. We all have the ability to create anything we want and need. All you need it is a clear picture of that, and the power of manifestation will take over. I may not have a perfectly clear picture of that right now, but I know I am not supposed to. Surrendering to first letting go, then allowing space and knowing that not knowing is just a step in the journey is so fulfilling... Oh, and these mountains and there powerful energy are filling me and overflowing me, this is a pure beautiful dream and its only day 3!!!!!!

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