Sunday, January 18, 2009

Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm

Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm is located .2 miles from the historic Martinsville Road covered bridge in Clinton County Ohio. Twenty acre family farm looking forward in providing the future to holistic care here at our wellness center. Our farms vision is to have a natural loving peaceful place our friends can enjoy and call their place of retreat! Relax, lunchin or take a visit in the lavender barn store to pick out one of your aromatherapy treatments or gifts. Plan your trip ahead for a Reflexology session with Kym Prell certified Reflexologist. Ponder around many farm projects to see how we as a farm utilize recycled materials to build works of art and structures. During your visit you can stroll along trails through the woods and natural fields, hand pick many varieties of lavender or spend some volunteer fun time working with one of our farm projects. Please don't forget the camera you will capture many pictures of wild life.

Soon our Earthship will be complete for everyone to see what can be done with the trash of everyday people. Tires, cans, bottles all used on the farm hidden from view but knowing these materials exist here will amaze all! Creations of beauty and design.

Peaceful Acres has two separate half acre Lavender fields equaling a full acre just around 2000 bushes of eight different varieties. Visit from June to August here you will see thousands of butterflies, bees, yellow jackets working in their nature to collect from our lavender. Never fear they know why you are here, it's for all lavender loving species. It's a must see for all photographers and artist. Many have captured unusual angles and visions to what they enjoy best on our farm.

We hope to see everyone very soon in June!!

Peace, Love and Lavender!!
Prell Family

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