Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter storm worries in the field

Lavender does not like ice!! Unfortunately we had about an inch of solid ice on everything overnight here on the farm. Lavender plants cannot tolerate the ice very well due to the oils produced inside the leaf. The oils freeze and damage the leaf tissue. Once this happens it's all hope until our spring fertilizer is applied, the deciding factor of winter survival. When we apply the proper fertilizer requirements the new growth shoots will be seen in about a week or two. Some of our Lavandula x Intermedia varieties will take a little longer to show new growth. All but a few should return from the dormant sleeping winter.

The farm had a similar situation during 2008 when we received about a half inch of ice. We lost around 25 plants total which will be replaced this spring. Luckily just about every Lavender variety came back from the dormant season. The key is a spring shot of nitrogen fertilizer!!

It's all in the rest of the season to see what will become of our fields. They will surely produce but will they all survive? It's a test of stamina against the cold!

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