Monday, February 14, 2011

Wellness Studio Downtown Parking Map

Downtown Wilmington parking availability, or the lack their of, is a much talked about issue. As Peaceful Acres prepares to open their downtown Wilmington studio, we are here to educate and inform Wilmington residents and other visitors about the parking truth. Plain and simple, a direct trip from an unlimited amount of parking spaces to Wellness Studio doors is faster than walking to your car at Wal Mart or Krogers. As a downtown frequenter, I can assure you this is the case.
According to research completed by Buy Local Clinton County "there are 500+ parking spots available inside the Historical District alone." And these are FREE spots! Besides the on-street parking spaces on South St. and Main, there are many other FREE parking spots on side streets and unrestricted lots within a block of Wellness Studio by Peaceful Acres.
For your convenience, Peaceful Acres has created a Wellness Studio parking map. Also review the downtown parking map created by the Buy Local campaign. Use these when visiting the Wellness Studio, and while you're at it, visit many of the other fine downtown businesses!

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