Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gong Meditation at Peaceful Acres Wellness Studio

From growing a full acre of certified organic lavender, constructing a home built from recycled tires, cans, and dirt, and teaching ancient natural healing methods, Peaceful Acres is known for being unique. None of these things may be quite as unique, however, as the addition of GONGS to the Peaceful Acres Wellness Studio.

Gongs are one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, used for meditation purposes in the practice of sound immersion, or sound therapy. The sound and vibration of the gong creates a deep relaxation, excellent for reducing stress, depression and anxiety in the mind and body. In a gong meditation session, allow the deep healing bronze to help you through denial and emotional blocks to achieve a greater and higher resonance with your spiritual self.

Wellness Studio by Peaceful Acres will feature two Subsonic gongs (36” & 40”, pictured below) to be used for meditation sessions.


$15 for 5 min
$25 for 10 min
$40 for 20 min

Come get gonged March 5-6 at our Wellness Studio Open House!

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